Some New Boats & Gears 2016


The first folly vacuum-infused Pathfinder, the new 2500 Hybrid inshore/offshore bay boat combines the integrated aft deck seating of the company’s family-friendly TRS series with a high-performance, double-stepped hull similar to that of Pathfinder’s HPS models. The

2500 also features a new deck layout, focusing on a large, single-level foredeck, more aft cockpit space, and added freeboard height.

pathfinder-2500-hybridThe foredeck is accessed using a transverse step that spans the beam and houses an insulated fish box with optional macerator. To add space aft, behind the standard leaning post and tackle station, Pathfinder notched the back deck on centerline.

The new console features full access to the helm rigging with a forward bifold door. Batteries stowed below are recessed into the floor beneath a clear acrylic lid, freeing up space beneath the console for storage. The drop-in helm pod accommodates a 10-inch elec­tronics display and can be customized with a color preference.

Capable of carrying 300 hp, the 2500 Hybrid can be equipped with numerous options, including a two-tone hardtop, an elevated second station, a livewell leaning post, dual 10-foot Power-Poles, CZone digital switching and more.


With the 26, Sea Chaser has built its largest boat in the LX series, which includes 21- and 23-foot center- consoles. Standard features for the 26 include twin forward locking boxes, locking hatches, gunwale rod storage, a recessed five-gallon bucket locker, a 25-gallon livewell in the foredeck and a second in the aft deck, under­water LED lighting, blue-LED-lit cup holders, low-profile handrails, and rear foldaway jump seating.

Rated for 350 hp, the stepped hull enhances acceleration and fuel effi­ciency. The 26 LX carries 84 gallons of fuel and features a 25-inch transom.



Performance testing by Sport Fishing’s sister publication Boating revealed a top speed of 49 mph with a Suzuki DF250 outboard. At a cruising speed of 28 mph, the 26 offered 3.34 mpg for a range of 291 miles.

Sea Chaser offers numerous hull colors, such as black, gray, red, cabernet, yellow, royal blue, evening sky and electric blue. All three models in the LX series come with a five-year limited warranty.


While anglers might not bother wearing a killswitch cord that tethers them to the helm, many might opt to carry a key fob or wear a wristband that wirelessly stops a moving boat in an emergency. The Fell Marine MOB+ Basepack connects to a boat’s battery and existing killswitch, mounts to the instrument panel, and pairs with as many as 20 fobs or bands. Fall overboard or hit the alarm, and the engine shuts down. The engine can be restarted after six seconds. The Basepack costs $199; fobs cost $39.99 each; and bands, which come in five colors, cost $19.99 each. – Chris Woodward


Left: The MOB+ Basepack connects to a boat’s battery and mounts to its instrument panel; it pairs with a fob that can be placed in a pocket or worn in a wristband. Right: The wristband comes in multiple colors.


bravo-1-jpg__1000x750_q85_autocrop_replace_alpha-fff_size_canvas_subsampling-2_upscaleDesigned for higher-horsepower single-outboard bay boats and multispecies hulls under heavy loads, Mercury’s Bravo I LT four- blade propeller improves planing and trim response, resulting in increased top speed, Mercury says. The prop features a diam­eter of 15V* inches and comes in 15 pitch offerings, from 20 to 27% inches, for two- and four-stroke outboards. The Bravo I LT features Mercury’s Performance Vent System, which enables anglers to dial in the prop for peak performance. The Bravo I LT costs $740.42. – CW


durasafe-e-lockWhile the DuraSafe E-Lock is not new, it now can be used to protect most bow- mounted Minn Kota trolling motors from theft. Anglers simply replace the factory side screw of their compat­ible quick-release bracket with the 2-inch-long E-Lock. The lock prevents the bracket from sliding forward, thus securing the motor. The circular, 1 %-inch-diameter keyed lock fits flush against the bracket so no part of the mechanism can be cut off. The E-Lock costs $29.95. (Check the company website for compatibility.) – CW

The Shurhold One Bucket System facilitates boat washing and stores supplies once you’re finished. It features a grate that allows dirt to fall to the bucket bottom, helping to keep the scrub brush cleaner.


ultimate-bucket_2Shurhold’s One Bucket System begins with a five-gallon bucket featuring a %-inch braided nylon handle, and adds an elevated grate to the bottom of the pail that allows dirt to sink while keeping the scrub brush clean. The grate also comes with two 3-ounce measuring cups. Shurhold adds a second accessory, the caddy, for storing supplies inside the bucket when it’s dry. The pieces can be sealed inside with a padded lid that snaps onto the bucket rim and doubles as a seat. An optional rubber base keeps the bucket from tipping. The four-piece system costs $49.98; the base costs $12.98. – CW

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